a new drumtalk special released: Devin Townsend!

Hey everyone!!! Here’s the definitive drum interview with Devin Townsend featuring contributions from Gene Hoglan “Official Page“, Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum’s, Ryan Van Poederooyen, Dirk Verbeuren and 66Samus and some soundbits from the new record EMPATH !!! Dev goes in detail on the drum recording process on Empath, remembers his time with the mighty Gene Hoglan…

episode 45 released: Horacio ‚El Negro‘ Hernandez

Cuban drummer and percussionist Horacio El Negro Hernandez at the Dresdner Drum & Bass Festival in a very moody and chill chat, after he played an incredibly busy percussive hour. He’s funny, laid back and gives you some some insights in both Latin and western percussion history. This is someone who’s love for music can…

episode 44 released: Sebastian Lanser (Obscura)

Obscura’s Sebastian Lanser, also the drummer of Panzerballett, in a in depth drum chat about methodical, polyrhythmical and formulaic approaches to brain drumming versus just doing what is within you, balance and Zen. If this doesn’t get a tech death metal head hooked I don’t know what will…

episode 43 released: Aric Improta (The Fever 333, Night Verses)

This is [episode 43]! And here we have US drummer Aric Improta with his new band THE FEVER 333 having an awesome drumtalk with me in their nightliner while on tour with BRING ME THE HORIZON! Aric is a super impressive artist who not only plays powerful grooves and crazy beats but adds electronic percussion…

episode 42 released: Eloy Casagrande!

hey everyone! Sepultura’s Eloy Casagrande drum talking in Nurnberg on tour with Obscura!!! He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful contemporary metal drummers who really gives the term ‚beating the shit out of the drums‘ a whole new meaning. Three words: pure passionate power!!!  

happy 2019 everybody!

this Friday Sepultura’s Eloy Casagrande will take over drumtalk! And as I’m typing this I work on [season 10]! So I promise 2019 is gonna be drumtalk at it’s peak!

episode 41 released: Aaron Spears!

While 2018 is coming to an end drumtalk is going online with another great season! Mr. Aaron Spears starts off [season 9] with a big bang boys & girls!!! check it out!

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