episode 30: Steve Gadd

„First takes are the best!“

This drumtalk has to be one of the most memorable of my whole career: For this shoot I drove 450 kilometres to the Netherlands, set up all my gear, did the thing and drove all the way back again on my very own for only twentyfive minutes of shooting. But it was worth every second!

What can you say about Steve that hasn’t been said before? Maybe that he talks as smooth, laid back, spot-on and creative as he plays his grooves. Although we did not have that much time this talk was very moving to me and I really enjoyed him sharing his deep knowledge, experience, motivating words, his colorful expressions and first and foremost the great chemistry that we had from the get go.

His very first metaphor of bad neighbourhood as well as his tap dancing memories really made my heart groove and touched me deep within und paid for the whole effort instantly.
It is these moments that I feel blessed being able to do what I do. And I hope I can re-visit him and continue this conversation one day.

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