episode 29: Oli Beaudoin (Kataklysm)

„Everybody could be in a way a drummer.“

Oli was the third drummer in front of my lenses on the same day during the Kataklysm/Septicflesh/Aborted package. And he is another great example why you should never underestimate a Metal drummer. Being educated in Funk, Jazz and Fusion drumming as well as a lot of more styles of music you can tell easily by listening to him that he had already meditated about the topics we addressed in this episode of drumtalk long before the shoot.

Oli is not only eloquent, but plays Kataklysm’s demanding songs in a remarkably energetic way, mastering both the crazy fast attacks as well as the super basic grooves equally impressing. And the fact that he uses a hybrid system combining traditional miking with trigger signals makes him a decidedly forward-looking drummer.

And although we had to do some questions a second time since the shooting suffered from technical issues, Oli was brave enough to give 100% of dedication despite the lack of oxygen in our room as if it had been an actual stageshow for the fans.
And so did I which is why I was barely able to move for two days after this drum-a-thon…

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