episode 33: Chris Coleman

„I haven’t even started yet!“

This day was a blast – having already taped Chris‘ performance at the Musikmesse 2017 I could fully concentrate on the talk segment of my shootings. Having met him before I knew that he was a very nice guy but I never assumed that we would have this exceptionally good talk at Popakademie Mannheim.

We were not just on the same page topicwise but also humorwise so this is why this was a very remarkable experience with a very talented and focussed artist. His playing is spot on, very dynamic, powerful when it has to be and crazy beyond elusive but only when neccesary.

Halfway through the interview I realized that my audio recording device must have had an issue and I went super uncomfortable assuming half of one of the best drumtalks so far was without audio. This led me to the question of what you should do if you mess up big time.

After we finished and when I packed my stuff full of guilt I checked all the data and realized that everything was fine. So success is when preparation meets opportunity – and I’m glad I prepared the right questions for him and did not mess this up!

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