episode 07: Gene Hoglan (Testament, Dark Angel)

Gene Hoglan is another great influence for me personally and a real metal drum legend. Let’s face it: Gene has played in more bands than my CD rack holds albums. After some teething troubles (Gene being not a morning person, when we were about to start the interview sound check started and lasted for about two hours causing me to doubt whether I would have to leave without having achieved anything) all went swimmingly. The interview was very funny and got better and better as we went along. And as soon as I had placed the pad in front of Gene all grumpiness vanished. He told me about his diversified career and approaches to drumming, analyzed his own playing and gave us some food for creativity with some of his favourite tasty grooves and I even went home with a pair of sticks of the master himself.

This interview was shot during Testament’s European Tour 2013 at the Aladin in Bremen/Germany 06/16/2013.

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