episode 32: Jojo Mayer

„It’s like a language that you can speak very well.“

When I finally had Jojo on the phone and his consent given I was both happy and NERVEous, since Jojo has had so many interviews, DVD’s and documetaries in his back catalogue. I simply knew it would not be an easy one to make this shooting unique.

But when I drove to Berlin and arrived at the venue there he was not only helping me carrying my bags but even offered me Swedish licorice! So what can I say? He’s every bit an artist, a philosoph and an eloquent person as you would excpect when you look at all that he did so far with exploring percussion and music.

And I was happy as a pig in shit when we talked about Picasso, Antonin Artaud and other 20th century artists. Make sure you give the self titled Nerve record a listen — it’s everything from crazy to groovy to just beautiful!

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