episode 02: Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve)

I have appreciated Dirk Verbeuren’s work in SCARVE for quite a while. So when he was about to visit Musikzentrale in Wetzlar/Germany in February 2012 for a drum clinic it was sure that I’d ask for an interview. This time equipped with three cameras, a microphone and several lights I set out to find out what made his drumming so special. And although I had not prepared any specific questions Dirk immediately started to chat in the most pleasant manner and revealed his favourite exercises to warm up and ways to get creative with rudiments such as flam accent and various paradiddles. After we had concluded the episode he even asked me to film the whole drum clinic. He is the friendliest chap you could ever imagine – and one of the few who can make blast beats groove!

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