episode 31: Dave Lombardo

„I’ve become fearless“

Here he is, the one drummer that is on almost every heavy drummer’s list of important influences – the legendary Dave Lombardo who carved himself into history of contemporary popular music. Just imagine being asked the same questions all over again for almost 40 years — so the first rule of Fight Club is? Well, don’t talk about Slayer.

As soon as he got the understanding that this wasn’t going to be another of these interviews, he opened up for one straight hour which was 40 minutes more than what was originally agreed on. It doesn’t came as a surprise that he has a certain way of impulsivness to the way he talks and values drumming and life. „I’m not better than anyone else!“ he states. Well, with his background that’s arguable but I embrace his attitude!

And I loved to hear about how much he holds Fantomas dear to his heart and that this weird band opened up his mind when it comes to music, art and life in general. Becoming fearless is one of the most important lessons you can learn. Thank you Dave!

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