episode 13: Peter Wildoer (Darkane, James LaBrie)

I had loved „Darkane“’s music for many years mainly because of Peter’s drumming. That is why I was particularly excited about making this interview. And it should turn out to be one of the nicest encounters that I had had in my show up to that point. The folks at the venue welcomed us with coffee, helped to unload the equipment and even offered us a cool room to shoot. This way we had a lot of time and space to shoot a fabulous interview.

Peter was very communicative, humorous and kind and he was able to explain even the most complex topics in an interesting manner. He talked about his different approaches in Darkane opposed to his work with James LaBrie and explained changes in his ways of composing as well as incorporating fusion drumming and foreign sources of inspiration such as Indian music. In the end we were even allowed to film the whole concert – making this day even more special.

recorded at Bibelot, Poppodium in Dordrecht on 03/17/2014
editing: Philipp Koch
cameras: Philipp Koch, Oliver Laux

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