episode 05: Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

Although I had interviewed Tomas Haake in 2008 for a German radio broadcast, the fifth episode was particularly important to me and is – looking back – still one of the show’s highlights. We had a vague appointment on December 11, 2012 on Meshuggah’s Kolossus tour, but I had no secure confirmation. So I had to wait a good 3 hours in the freezing cold in front of the Frankfurt based club “Batschkapp” before I got my O.K. and could eventually look for a suitable location. When it finally worked, I had a friendly as usual but also slightly sleepy Tomas in front of me and I peppered mercilessly with some ‚insightful‘ questions. Completely humble he talked about Meshuggah’s approach to writing songs and his way to create and handle the complex and challenging polyrhythmical patterns. I found it important to ask him about his original personal style apart from Meshuggah’s bass-drum-pattern-based music since most of their music is created rather non-intuitive. Anyway, we saved the best for last: the revelation of his unique and highly developed warm up system is one of my all-time-favourite moments of drumtalk.

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