episode 08: Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy)

The Canadian extreme drummer Flo Mounier is without any doubt one of the most inventive and striking drummers from the extreme metalgenre. He is most well-known for his works for “Cryptopsy” with whom he has done pioneer work in that genre. Flo was really friendly and very keen on answering my questions. In this „virtual drumclinic“ Flo Mounier explains how he developed his skills, talks about his creative approaches in extreme drumming as well as about his ways of composing and finally shows some warm-up routines. One of the most noteworthy things he mentioned was that he has harmonized his whole life, nutrition and daily business to his drumming. No wonder he gave so many nutrition and fitness tips in our conversation…

The interview was shot during Cryptopsy’s European Tour with Cattle Decapitation & Decrepit Birth at Steinbruchtheater/Darmstadt (04/16/2013)

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