episode 20: Simon Phillips (Protocol)

Super Drumming. That is where I had seen Simon as a child for the first time. Super Drumming was a German TV series back in the 80’s and is one of the reasons why I am doing this show. I clearly remember that in one episode Simon had a duet with Louie Bellson – and it rocked!

The sound check for Simon’s gig lasted a bit longer than expected resulting in Simon joining me only literally five minutes before the audience entered the room. We had just started shooting when the doors opened and within no time I found myself in a tv studio with the audience in my back. Luckily, the atmosphere stayed intimate and familiar.

Simon is one of the greatest drummers I have ever spoken to. Not only does he know exactly what he has to contribute to the music that he is playing; he also has the gift to find precise words to share his great wealth of experience.

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