episode 34: Anika Nilles & Jost Nickel

„I don’t care about complex or easy.“

Frankfurt Musikmesse was the perfect occasion for a drumtalk since Anika and Jost were in my hometown. So I managed to get a great spot at the Marriott Hotel and invited those two fine and groovy Germans.

As a drummer who comes from a progressive metal background it is always a refreshment to be confronted with a different perspective on how rhythm can be treated. When ‚basic‘ means everything and the rest is just optional facettes. I’m always impressed by artists who make so much out of only a few notes in the right place played with the right attitude.

Passing on knowledge is what makes doing this programme worthwile. And not only are both Anika and Jost teachers but they know each other from Pop Akademie Mannheim where Jost gave Anika lessons.

It is simply inevitable to grow your vocabulary in the universal language that drumming is, but getting the very basic steps right is so important if you want to make other people understand you. This is just something that has to be mastered as well as rudiments.

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