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  1. Hello
    I saw you interviewed Stewart Copeland on Drumtalk. Could you please tell me when the recording was made (09.03.18 ,??), which city and name of hosts please, so that I can add it to my site dedicated to SC.
    PS : when will you publish this interview ?

    1. Hello
      My name is Royce
      I dropped you an email a couple of few days ago
      But You haven’t answer me back so for
      I hope you can answer me back as soon as possible ~

  2. Hello. How is it going
    My name is Royce I’m from South Korea
    I’m a big fan of this channel and I extremely enjoy watching the drum talk on YouTube as Korean
    I obviously feel enthusiasm from drumtalk team on filming
    As you might know, A lot of Koreans are interested in drumming and It’s like getting a new trendy hobby and even some people who want to be professional drummer. these things happen so often these day in Korea
    However the thing is 90% of Koreans don’t understand foreigner words which is called language barrier

    So the reason why I drop you an email is I’d like to get permission of copyright by drumtalk team
    Cause I have a plan to make a video with some of drummers who are shooting on drum talk as translator on my Youtube channel It means that I want to put a couple of senses on my video
    So my concept is that just translator and explaining in Korea what they thought of music , sound. life beyond drumming
    I reckon that it would be helpful for Korean drummers
    I hope to get a positive answer from you guys
    Thanks. God bless you

  3. Philipp ~ I’m Royce
    Thank for answering me back ~ literally appreciate it
    Even you have been busy though. Ha Ha.
    I truly understand what you meant to put your effort for all videos and It shouldn’t be seen on any other channel without permission
    That’s why I asked you beforehand.
    However from my point of view is I want you to consider about an advertisement effect in a positive way
    Because I will mention your channel and leave drumtalk link below a video on my youtube If you allow me to do.
    As you might know, most Korean drummers would tend to subscribe on DrumChannel which is quite popular for us. But unfortunately your channel isn’t popular yet and most people even don’t know about your channel
    So I’ve been thinking of it will be obviously beneficial for you to get more subscribers and be intrigued and get more attention by Korean drummers in further way .

    So I’d like ask you on this again such an offer
    But It’s entirely up to you
    I hope to get a positive answer from you
    Cheers and Bless you

  4. Hello! Really enjoying Drum talk and just want to support you. Thanks for what you are doing for the community. Do you have a PayPal address I can send a donation to? Salud!

    1. hi Monique!
      thanks for dropping a message and even more for your support! I do have a patreon page but it was down for a little while — anyway it’s online again and you’ll find it here I’m currently working on a new special, season 12 and a new little series. There’s gonna be some great stuff for all of you in the near future so stay tuned…
      much appretiated and keep on groovin‘!

  5. Hello,
    Great indepth interviews, excellent questions, thank s for this !
    I was wondering if there were any plans in the future on doing an interview with Moritz Mueller and/or Reinhard Melz ?
    Thanks, and greetings from Canada

    1. hi Perry! thanks for leaving such a nice comment and sorry for being slow but I was the end of the year kinda busy. I haven’t seen The Intersphere for a couple of years now — the last time was when they supported Cynic. Right now I cannot do anything due to the circumstances, but he’s on my radar once we finally get back to some kind of normality. I’m not familiar with Reinhard Melz though…
      Canada? yeah! I had some great guests from Canada in the show!
      happy new year, Perry!!

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