episode 38: George Kollias

Unique drummer George Kollias of US extreme Death Metal band Nile with his second appearance on drumtalk — the first encounter was in my first year of drumtalk and I hadn’t figured out yet where I was going with this channel – but this time it’s the real thing: he shares his thoughts on teaching, nuanced extreme drumming, giving advice how to approach professional drumming as well as to handle mental and physical demands of being an extreme player and how to develop a healthy perspective on being an artist.

There’s no way you cannot be impressed what this guy has achieved and passed on to the drum community. and one important factor of this is his ability to analyze and verbalize what he does in a way that leaves you with the ability to teach yourself. I have the biggest respect for George’s achievements and have to add that his generousity is in no way inferior.

The episode was filmed on Nile’s European tour with Terrorizer, Exarsis & Art Of Deception in Mannheim on the 12th of February 2018.

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