episode 23: Patrice Hamelin (Gorguts, Beneath the Massacre)

Gorguts‘ 2013 record Colored Sands made quite an impact in the Death Metal scene and you can say without a doubt, that fitting in for John Longstreth is definitely not an easy job at all. Patrice Hamelin – who has been a live drummer for Gorgut’s for quite a while – not only nails that job, but gives Gorguts‘ music a very versatile and dynamic percussive voice. Though having been to a music school for many years he is by no means an academic drummer, but everything seems to come very natural. On top of that he not only has a sense for creative playing, but also uses a creative approach when it comes to incorporating jazz drumshells to his setup or using different techniques such as traditional grip when the music calls for it. Bottom line: Nice chat in a tourbus with a very sympathetic dude!

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