episode 19: Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson)

Pat has been a part of numerous projects and has worked with the who is who of the world wide Prog-Rock scene. His most popular works range from being a part of the 80’s Pop-Rock band Mr. Mister and – more importantly – him being a member of the legendary Prog-Rock band King Crimson since 1994. As humble as he appears the interview, as important is his role in King Crimson: he is the pumping heart of the band. His execution is to the point, at times really heavy and conveying an extreme amount of dedication. No matter if he plays with usual sticks, obscure metal objects or with squeaky toys – he always provides a great base for the music to build on and delivers the icing on the cake at the same time.

On top of that Pat is a very likable, humorous and broad-minded individual. It is always fabulous when your youth’s inspirations turn out to be even friendlier than you had hoped for.

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