episode 27: Krimh (Septicflesh) & Ken Bedene (Aborted)

„I like the feeling!“

This day in Frankfurt was my first drumtalk marathon and also the occasion to create the first video with the new generation of young super fast and super talented drummers.

The concept of having two drummers in front of five cams worked out even better than I had hoped for, since both Ken and Kerim had equally as much fun as they had great insights to share.

Both drummers are multi instrumentalists and on top of that have the skills and gear to record and produce their own musical output all on their own. At the sam time they cover pretty much both sides of the spectrum of extreme drumming: seemingly effortless perfect technique on the one side and sweaty energetic pounding on the other but both at insane speed and precision.

And before I knew it was by no means an interview situation anymore but it formed into a trialog – a chat in great company where we fed each other lines in the most fun way. I totally hope to meet these dudes again one day.

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