episode 35: Joey Jordison

„There’s no way I’m not going back out on tour again!“

I must say that although there was this big name in front of me it never felt that way at any second. On the contrary since we had similar health issues that took us out of our lifes for a long period of time – and therefore taught us to take playing music not for granted at all!

And because of that it fills my heart with joy to see Joey back behind the set doing what he loves most in life and hearing that he never felt more focussed. What I also love about him is his approach to practice the things that are not fun and trying to put his mindset into playing totally different styles of music regardless of liking them or not. That way the things you do like will profit a great deal.

Unfortunately we did not have that much time so I really had to focus on what can be done in twenty minutes. However I’m very proud how it turned out. Welcome back Joey!

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