episode 03: Chris Pennie (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan)

Episode 3 is chronologically my first video and marks my very first attempt to create something without me even knowing exactly what I was doing except for that I did not want to miss the chance of meeting Chris Pennie after his drumclinic at Session Music in Frankfurt/Germany in May 2011. Chris is a founding member of Dillinger Escape Plan and one of the pioneers of math metal, a new kind of sound back then that wowed me in the early 2000. Hence I knew that I wanted to film something with Chris no matter what it would be. You might be able to notice that in the video but hey, great oaks from little acorns grow. I suggested him to perform his favourite warm up routine and despite the background noise Chris simply took over in a staircase and rocked the video. The exercise he demonstrates (switching from singles to doubles to paradiddle) might appear simple but to execute it in higher tempos while keeping smooth transitions requires a lot of skills.

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