next entry for the upcoming [season 8]!!!

George Kollias is one of the busiest drummer’s out there regardless if he’s touring, teaching or tearing drumkits down. However for his first ‚real‘ drumtalk he sacrificed quite a bunch of his freetime and boy oh boy did it pay off! wait for it…

episode 27 released: Kerim KRIMH Lechner & Ken Bedene!

Alright, let’s try something new here! I wanted to amplify the format by doing double talks from time to time, meaning that it won’t be the usual dialogue but a trialogue with two artists in the frame. Worked out pretty well as you can see with these two young fellas: Ken Bedene (Aborted) and Kerim…

episode 26 released: Dave Weckl!

oh boy, this is it! In a classroom I found one of the best teachers I could hope for: Mr. Dave Weckl took not just a few minutes but quite some time to talk about what floats his boat and what those shady terms like ‚composition‘ and ‚musicality‘ really mean. That was something!

episode 24 released: John Longstreth!

here is Origin’s John Longstreth in my very own rehearsal space which is next to the club he played at. John is famous for more than insane speeds beyond 260bpm and a master at different techniques with both hands and feet. have look at what he does and listen to how he does it 🙂

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