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  1. Hi guys, i saw a couple of your drum talk episodes and theyr’e amazing.
    Wanted to ask if you could try getting Zach Hill (death grips, hella, and a million more projects) to do one, he really pushes drumming into new directons and a lot of pepole would love to see him in a format like this. Thanks a lot!

    1. yo Lev!
      thanks for your comment! If he’s passing through and my schedule allows it I’ll be happy to take it into consideration 🙂

      have a groovy day!

  2. Really original content, in such a unique and fresh way, another perspective from drummers that have inspired generations of drummers. Thanks!
    By the way, how do you guys get those interviews???… Amazing
    Regards from Mexico

    1. hey Pedro!
      thank you so much for your nice words! How do get I in contact with all the artists? In the beginning I simply wrote emails to their contact adresses or via facebook which I still do to this day. But of course over time I got in contact with so many artists and tourmanagers and bookers etc. that sometimes they connect me with certain artists. So basically I started with nothing and then I built up a network. simple as that.


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